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Palm Beach, QLD | Member since July 2016 | 783 sales
When buying a Snuffle mat ask the following questions. 1. Is it made of good quality thick fleece? 2. Has each strand been double knotted? 3. What is the average width and length of each strand of fleece? 4. How is each strand weaved in the rubber that is what pattern is used? 5. What rubber do you use? How thick is the rubber and what size? Your dog will enjoy his Snuffler much more if the rubber is fully covered by thick, quality fleece. In addition, the heavier the mat the less likely the dog will just turn it upside down to get the treats. We are confident that when comparing our prices and quality to other Snuffle mats out there that we will come out on top.. Post a video/Pic of your pet with their Snuffler on the Fur Legged Family FB page and you can win a $100 Fur Legged Family voucher and $100 cash for the Rescue Charity of your choice.


23 September 2020
Karyn wrote
Awesome product, superfast delivery! My beagle loves this fun way to find his food, slows him down a little bit too.
21 September 2020
Christine wrote
Straight forward for my order.
09 August 2020
Judy wrote
the payment option was very difficult .I paid bank deposit and have uploaded the receipt for payment for the buyer. I hope that there is no confusion. I have paid for one snuffler mat medium size for a female dog. I haven't ordered two. Just need the one thank you and I have uploaded my Westpac bank payment receipt as proof of payment. Thankyou. Looking forward to the snuffler.
01 July 2020
Evette wrote
Good site
08 June 2020
Ann wrote
All good
17 March 2020
andrew wrote
09 December 2019
Shiva wrote
seems fine
29 September 2019
Susan wrote
I didn’t know that the shipping was $15 until I bought. Maybe I missed something
30 August 2019
Rae-Louine wrote
Great Service, Great site, can't wait for Maisie to have fun with her mat.
22 August 2019
Kate wrote
How can I review when I only just purchased my product, I haven't received it yet.
10 May 2019
maureen wrote
this is the first time i have bought anything from this site but i have heard excellent opinions of both the goods and the site
26 February 2019
Amy wrote
Easy to navigate and had the product we wanted!
23 September 2018
Faye wrote
I haven't had a problem yet as I've only just placed my order, however I thought I was going to get a colour choice before actually checking out?
10 August 2018
Sharon wrote
Excellent graphics to display items
15 June 2018
lori wrote
02 January 2018
Lisa wrote
Exceeded my expectations. High quality product. Speedy delivery. My 11 year old dog learned how to use it in one day. His meal times have never been so much fun! Thank you so much. Highly recommend. :)
01 January 2018
Alex wrote
Great product - Bella loves it! And super fast at posting it
01 January 2018
Jacinta wrote
Charlie loves his snuffle mat! Thanks a million!
01 January 2018
Arthur wrote
Fantastic product, my girl Thriller's nose disappears snuffling out all the hidden treats in her Snuffler! The vendor was fantastic, even getting Thriller's Snuffler here well before the quoted date!
04 December 2017
Desiree wrote
Very happy with our Large Snuffler. Two staffies, silent for 20mins without destroying it is priceless. I would say staffy friendly. Fun Dog Treat Dispenser is probably a little less staffy friendly. My boy decided that unlike his sister he wasn't going to waste his time spinning it around to get one treat at a time. He bit into the bottle, stepped on the platform and within secs the bottle had a big hole in it and he had access to all the treats. Such a staffy thing to do. So for any other dog I would highly recommend, but for a staffy, stick with the snuffler instead.
03 July 2017
Nicki wrote
My dog Indigo loves her snuffle mat - great enrichment for her and fun to watch
14 June 2017
Lynette wrote
It says "Your colours snuffle", but there was no place to request colours.
24 March 2017
Deirdre wrote
I have 2 dogs and I ordered the Snuffler mainly for my younger dog but the older dog loves it as well. Whenever I get it out they both can't wait to get their noses stuck into it. Fabulous!
18 March 2017
Clare wrote
Very quick delivery and good communication from seller. Easy to assemble and my dog loves it!
06 March 2017
Kate wrote
Great! Love the colours, quality product, fast delivery! Plus my pup loves it ❤️️
14 January 2017
Robyn wrote
Wonderful service. A company dedicated not only to superb quality merchandise, but also one driven by compassionate concern for those creatures less fortunate than our pampered companions. The Snuffler stars with elderly residents in Aged Care Facilities as the best K9 Circus Act. Even better than Rusty the Papillon playing his own keyboard.
01 January 2017
Nadia wrote
Our dog loved his snuffler. Had hours of fun, and just played with it. Thank you. Jut what we wanted
21 December 2016
dianne wrote
Great service and replies to messages.
12 December 2016
Edyta wrote
Fantastic product. My dogs are obsessed with their Snufflers and the dog with resource guarding issues does not growl at his brother the way he used to when I would leave dry food in a bowl. This means that both of them can eat in a more relaxed environment, so it's helping to reduce their anxiety.
07 December 2016
Nick wrote
Great product!
05 December 2016
Joanne wrote
This awesome snuffler mat arrived today thank you... our Molly will be a lucky puppy this Christmas :-)
29 November 2016
Christine wrote
This is my first order. love the products, so I'm looking forward to my order arriving :)
14 November 2016
Courtney wrote
27 September 2016
Lindsay wrote
Love our snuffler mat Thankyou!
20 September 2016
Robyn wrote
It's not just a Snuffler that the furperson needs to stimulate that devious brain. This shop is actually run by living sentient creatures who are definitely REAL human beings. Ones the human with the Visa and the problems operating a computer relates to! Robyn Youl Bacchus Marsh
Snuffler replied
Thanks very much for your review Robyn. Don't forget to post a pic on our FB page if you haven't done so already as we currently have a competition and you could win $100 voucher for yourself and $100 for the rescue site of your choice.
31 August 2016
Daryl wrote
Love this place!
Snuffler replied
Thanks very much for your review . Don't forget to post a pic on our FB page if you haven't done so already as we currently have a competition and you could win $100 voucher for yourself and $100 for the rescue site of your choice.
31 August 2016
Kym wrote
Excellent product, my furbabies love it although causes some sibling rivary when they are both snuffling! Sharing is not their strong point. Delivery was very quick, thanks A+++
Snuffler replied
Thanks very much for your post. May have to get them one each :-)