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Sellers Fees

Adding a product or service

Setting up your shop and adding a product on our website is free, but we do charge a percentage of each sale. This percentage may change from time to time. We will provide you with 3 months notice of any change to these rates. The current percentage is 7.5% of the total sale (excluding any donations). There is also a credit card fee of 1.75% + 30c).


When an order is placed from your shop you will receive an email with the details. You can also log into your account and see a history of orders. We also have a built in messaging area where you can communicate with the buyer if required.


When someone purchases from your shop, the funds are transferred directly to Australian Stores and then paid out weekly, every Sunday at midnight. Payouts are made directly into your designated bank account.


The reporting section of your account allows you to see your history of sales and payouts. You can also see any funds due to be paid, and the date they will be paid.

For further information on setting up a shop please feel free to contact us at