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Help Files for Setting up your store

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How to set up Shipping fees on your shop

To get to your shop information click on My Account on the top righthand side of your screen

y Account img

Once you have set up your shop details, unless you offer free postage, we recommend that you set up your shipping table before adding any products. You only have to do this once and it will be used for all your products. Click on the shipping tab on the left under shop listings

Shipping Table Menu

If you are offering a flat rate shipping price irrespective of the number of products purchased and their weight then setting up the table is easy.  Simply enter a very high number eg 10000 in the kg and then the flat rate amount under standard (if it doesn’t vary by state).  If your flat rate amount varies by state then you can add a different rate for each state. If you offer delivery to New Zealand or overseas you will need to add the rate. If you don’t simply untick these boxes.

Shipping Table

If your postage varies by total weight then you need to set up the breakpoints. You can have as many or as few as you need. The first break point is 0 to whatever number you enter. So if I use the example and 5 items = 3kg then my first breakpoint would be 0-3kg and my second breakpoint would be up to 6kg. Click on the Add weight to add additional options.

Shipping Table

Based on the above example if a buyer purchased more than 6kg they will not be able to checkout and will need to contact you so you can add a new weight and price.  To prevent this from happening you may decide to add another max postage cost option for up to 50kg.

Don’t forget if you do offer delivery to New Zealand or Internationally to tick these boxes and enter the postage amount. If you don’t then make sure these are not ticked.

Once your shipping table is set up you can then start adding your products. For more information on adding products please see the help file – Setting up your shop

To add a new product click on the Add Product tab under shop listing in My Account.

Add Product

When you add a new product you will need to decide how you want to charge for shipping and if you want to allow free local pickup.

To enable free local pick up simply click on the local pick up box.

If shipping is free then click on the Free Shipping option

For any other shipping type please click weight. You will then need to add the weight of the product, when it is ready to dispatch and information on your shipping costs for the customer.  For example if you offer flat rating shipping you would enter

Shipping Type

If your shipping type is based on the weight of all the products purchased you would advise how this is calculated

Shipping Calc

We recommend testing your postage by selecting a few items from your shop and clicking cart and going through the checkout process.

If you have any questions or require any assistance setting up your shipping table then please don’t hesitate to send us an email at


How to set up Shipping fees on your shop

Setting up your Store

Once you have registered simply click on the box stating you want to start a shop.

Enter your shop name in the Display Name. Some information about your shop so that buyers know a bit about you. Your phone number (This will not be seen by buyers) and if you have a website (this will not be seen by buyers). Please add your returns policy (this will be viewable to the buyer).

If you want to donate a percentage of your sales to animal charities then you can add the percentage in the Donation tabs.  Buyers will be made aware of this at checkout. Your bank account details are needed as payments are made directly into your account through Pin Payments.

Once you have set up your shop click on the update button and you will then be ready to add products



Adding products to your shop

Before adding any products to your store we recommend setting up your shipping table.  For information on setting up your shipping please view the relevant help file.

To add a new product click on Add Button in the menu on the left hand side of your screen

You can add up to 5 photos of your product. You will need to give your product a Title and also provide a Description of the product to buyers. You can select from a list of Categories.  If your category is not there please send an email to us at and we will add it for you.  Please remember to only list products made in Australia.

For each product listed you will need to select the product type. A simple product is one where the seller is not required to make a selection ie it is not available in a variety of sizes, colours etc.

A variable product is when the product is available in more than one (1) option ie it may vary in size or colour.

Let’s look at the variable option first. If you have a limited number of each variation then please click the Manage Stock box. If your product is made to order and you don’t have a limited supply then don’t tick this box.

If you want your product to be visible to sellers then click Yes to activate your product. If this is set as No then your product will be visible to you but not to buyers.

In the Snuffle Mat example they vary in both colour and size.  The seller can setup the shop in a number of ways.

Option 1. Set us shop so that only 1 product is listed with all the variables for size and colour in the 1 listing. 

You can add as many or as few items to the variation table. The buyer will be able to select these from a drop-down list. If you have ticked Manage Stock then you will need to enter how many of each item is available.  Weight is required to calculate shipping and is explained in the Shipping help file. Please note the buyer does not see the stock or weight information.


Option 2. Set us shop so that more than 1 product is listed by colour and therefore the only variable in the product is size.

Once you have published your first product then adding each new product is much easier as you can simply copy an existing product and update it accordingly.  To do this simply click on the copy icon at the bottom of the existing product 

If you have any questions or require any assistance setting up your store please feel free to contact us by sending an email to